Building a Greenland Kayak

With the great interest in kayaking today, many paddlers are discovering the beauty and performance of the traditional Inuit skin boats of both Alaska and Greenland. These wood-frame craft offer the satisfaction of building your own boat and the pleasure of paddling a graceful design that reflects the ancient origins of the kayak. Building a Greenland Kayak takes readers step-by-step through the construction process developed by the author and Mystic Seaport boat builders. The design is derived directly from surviving Greenland craft, five of which are featured in the appendix. The book is fully illustrated with diagrams and photographs of construction details. Additional chapters describe how to make a Greenland-style paddle and how to outfit the boat, and the appendix lists sources for materials.

Softcover Book: 8.5”x11”, 138 pages.         143 illustrations.         Order this book through