Finest Kind: The Lobstermen of Corea - Portrait of a Down East Fishing Village

Today, the village of Corea is an anomaly on Maine’s rocky shoreline. As other harbors along the coast succumb to the realities of the modern economy, Corea continues to hold onto its fishing heritage. The harbor is still filled with working watercraft that leave before dawn to work their traps, both near and offshore. Generations of lobstermen continue their independent lifestyle and earn a living from the waters their fathers and grandfathers once fished, passing to the following generation both a healthy fishery and a sense of pride in the work they do. Finest Kind, in both photographs and interviews with the fishermen themselves, provides outsiders with a window into the life within this very special fishing community.

Softcover Book: 8”x10.5”, 116 pages, 124 duotone photographs.      Price: $24.00