On Oceans of Grey: Portrait of a Fishing Port

The black and white photographs within this book bring to life the world of commercial fishermen working from Point Judith, Rhode Island. Like generations before them, these fishermen cross grey seas in pursuit of their prey in both good weather and bad. Facing many uncertainties, they persevere in the trade they love, never knowing what they may face on a daily basis. Their work may take them far to sea and beyond immediate help should trouble strike, making this one of the most hazardous of professions. These images capture some of the beauty and joy of the work they do in this harsh environment, and help us understand why generations of fishermen continue to make a living from the sea.

Softcover Book: 8”x10”, 62 pages with 52 duotone photographs.  The print version of this book has been sold out, but a Kindle version of this book may be purchased at Amazon.com