What is Fowler Road Press?

Fowler Road Press began when I was asked by a local group to produce a book of photographs for them which they could sell as a fundraising tool. Not wanting to get involved with a full publishing company, Fowler Road Press was born to produce short-run books printed on full offset-litho presses. We have now produced seven books for other authors interested in getting their work into print as well.

My Work:

While the first books I produced were largely photographic in nature, my work has evolved to include text to broaden the story my subjects have to tell. The photographs are now enhanced with interviews with the people I document. I have had four books published by full time publishers, and have self-published seven books on my own. The books on this site with a price of $0.00 are either sold out or are available from other publishers through Amazon.com. For additional information on these or other titles, contact me at: [email protected].

Photographs are included in the following collections:

Mystic Seaport: The Museum of America and the Sea

Historic New England

The Henry Sheldon Museum

The Library of Congress


Museum Shows:

Mystic Seaport: The Museum of America and the Sea:   Against the Tide   2009-2011

Aidekman Art Center, Tufts University:   Capturing Community: Farming, Fishing, and Canning in New England 2011

South County Museum:   In History’s Wake: The Last Trap Fishermen of Rhode Island   June-August 2011

The Museum of Work and Culture:   In History’s Wake: The Last Trap Fishermen of Rhode Island    May/June 2012

The Henry Sheldon Museum:   Take Me to the Fair   May-November 2012

The U. S. Coast Guard Museum:   Swab Summer: Transformation at the U.S. Coast Guard Academy   Summer 2013


Magazine Publications:

LensWork Magazine:   Feature article November/December 2007, Feature article March/April 2010, November/December 2011

Rhode Island Monthly:   Cover story December 2009

The Sun Magazine:   April 2010, Volume 412; Cover story December 2009, Volume 408, September 2014

Yankee Magazine:   Feature article July/August 2010,  Feature Article July/August 2012 – Winner of 2013 National City and Regional Magazine Award for Photography. Article November/December 2013, Feature Article July/August 2014, Article March/April 2015

Vermont Magazine:   Feature Article July/August 2012, Feature Article July/August 2013

Edible Rhody:   Spring 2010, Summer 2010, Cover story Summer 2011, Cover Story 2014

Historic New England: Feature Article Summer 2012



Building a Greenland Kayak                                                                                            2002

On Oceans of Grey: Portrait of a Fishing Port                                                                   2009

Against the Tide: The Commercial Fishermen of Point Judith                                            2009

The Catboat: A Photographic Album                                                                                2009

Voices from the Waterfront: Portrait of the New Bedford Fishing Industry                         2010

Down on the Farm: The Last Dairy Farms of North Stonington                                         2010

Finest Kind: The Lobstermen of Corea                                                                              2011

End of the Line: Closing the Last Sardine Cannery in America                                           2013

Barns of Connecticut                                                                                                       2013

Swab Summer: Transformation at the United States Coast Guard Academy                      2013

In History’s Wake: The Last Trap Fishermen of Rhode Island                                            2015

Ceremonial Stonework: The Enduring Native American Presence on the Land                   2016