Down on the Farm: The Last Dairy Farms of North Stonington

The Connecticut countryside was once defined by family farms passed along to succeeding generations. Over the course of the past hundred years, however, the effects of heavy industrialization and the eventual urbanization of the state have dramatically changed the landscape. By the mid-1990s, there were but 300 dairy farms left within the state’s borders. A mere 15 years later, half of these farms would vanish as well. Interested in how these multi-generational farms have managed to survive when others fell, I began to document the last four dairy farms in my home town, following each farm’s activities throughout the course of a single year. This book captures, through extensive interviews and over 200 duotone photographs, what it takes to keep a small dairy farm running in today’s global economy. This extended portrait documents an endangered culture, providing a rare glimpse into life on small country farms as dairymen and women go about the daily business of producing milk for the surrounding population.

Softcover Book: 8”x10.5”, 128 pages.       Price: $22.00