The Catboat: A Photographic Album

The catboat has held its own special place on the American waterfront for more than two hundred years. Its versatility assured it a position in both the working world of the fisherman and the racing circuit of the yachtsman. At home in both the sheltered waters and the exposed coastlines of New England, the catboat was built wherever a small shop existed and access to the water allowed. These photographs, from the extensive collection at Mystic Seaport - The Museum of America and the Sea, reflect some of the many forms this vessel took throughout her long and interesting history. From the diminutive Beetle Cat to the massive racing vessels of the late 19th century, this distinctively American sailing craft has proven itself worthy of both our attention and admiration, and remains a permanent fixture of our active waterfronts.

Softcover Book: 6” x 7.5”, 64 pages, 56 duotone photographs.       Price: $16.50