Voices From the Waterfront: Portrait of the New Bedford Fishing Industry

Pouring nearly a billion dollars into the local economy, New Bedford is the largest fishing port in the United States. Along with the men and women who fish local waters, countless other trades support the fishing fleet, creating a vibrant and powerful economic engine centered in the heart of New England. The portraits within this book of the individuals who work the waterfront provide a window into the complexity of the industry as a whole. The fishermen themselves, those who build the gear used in daily operations, the lumpers who unload the ships after each trip, and the many others who process and sell the catch tell us in their own words what life is like behind the scenes both at sea and ashore. Talented, inventive, and industrious, the women and men of the port continue the many traditions handed down by their ancestors. Voices from the Waterfront goes beyond the sound bites typical of the evening news, taking us into the lives and waterfront activities normally seen from our passing cars.

Softcover Book: 7” x 9”, 80 p ages, 42 duotone photographs.       Price: Sold Out